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A bit of history about Modes, for those who might be new to the foregoing discussion of the Exposure Compensation dial on the Fuji X-T1.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, cameras had two variable exposure controls, the shutter speed and the aperture (a third, the ASA dial, was set according to the film that was loaded, and generally not changed thereafter. When I used Plus-X, I probably went several years without ever once shifting the ASA dial off 80. Yes, 80—and we wore animal skins and conked our women over the head with clubs prior to dragging them off to the cave by their hair*). Photographers metered with a separate device. This was originally called a "light meter" and later, as a back-formation after in-camera meters arrived, a "hand-held meter." And the camera gods looked upon this and declared it was good**.

Presently, camera manufacturers began building the light meter into the camera. This was received as an abomination and an outrage by the people, at first; no one saw the problem with using a proper light meter. Some declared that the built-in, in-camera light meters were not to be trusted.

For a time, you still adjusted the two variable controls, only now the camera was helping by suggesting how to set those things.

Then the cameramakers got the bright idea of letting the camera set one of the parameters based on where you'd set the other one, and "Modes" were born. In the early days this was called "AE," for auto-exposure. The idea was that you'd set the shutter speed and the aperture would set itself! A radical notion, and again, some of the people were upset, and resisted the new order.

This was where I came in, at age 16 or so. My first camera, a Konica Autoreflex T3, had shutter-priority AE. A professional photographer friend of my father's said it was too complicated to explain what the aperture numbers meant, and just suggested that I turn the shutter speed dial until the needle in the viewfinder pointed to "one of the middle" aperture numbers, avoiding the numbers at either end.

KonicaT3finderKonica T3 viewfinder (from I was advised to make the needle point to one of the middle numbers, avoiding the "2" and the "16."

Then the cry arose from the land: why should we have to select the shutter speed? What about those of us to whom aperture is more important? So there were cameras that worked the other way around from my T3—you picked the aperture and the shutter speed was set by the camera.

I cannot tell you when, or with what cameras, these innovations were first introduced. Hopefully some more knowledgable camera historian will chime in and help out here.

But to return to our story. Eventually, a bright idea was had: why not let the camera select both settings? This was eventually popular for newbies and tyros who had no idea what shutter speed and aperture were, or why you'd want any one over any other. And Program mode was born. And again the beardy grumpy guys grumbled across the land!

Note that there was a time, long ago, when you picked what camera to buy based on what mode you wanted its AE to work in. It was assumed that you had a preference and you needed only one mode, the one you liked.

Canon, for instance, had a popular camera called the AE-1 (1976) that had shutter-priority AE. Canon also helpfully supplied variants with other modes. The full manual AT-1 (1976) was for export only; the AV-1 (1979) featured Aperture-priority AE. These three cameras were essentially identical—same size and shape, used the same accessories, etc. Exposure mode was the difference.

Canon created a sensation with the A-1 (1978), a premium camera that included all modes. I believe it was the first camera with full Program mode, although Program mode was added to the AE-1 in 1981.

Later in the '80s a wet-behind-the-ears photo-writer came along, and his name was Mike, and he was a beardy grumpy guy long before he had a beard and even back when he was cheerful and friendly toward all, as he still mostly is. And he said, why all this confusion? Why not just have an "A" on the aperture ring and an "A" on the shutter speed dial and let that control all four modes? Put the aperture ring on A and set a shutter speed, and you're in Shutter-priority AE. Put the shutter-speed dial on A and set an aperture, and you're in Aperture-priority mode. Put neither in A but select a value for both, and you're in Manual mode. Put both on A and let the camera do everything and you're in Program mode. Simple. Clean. Beautiful. Elegant.

Alas the camera makers putteth their fingers in their ears and went "wah-wah-wah-wah-wah we're not listening," and they did not do this but continued to gum up their cameras unnecessarily with less elegant methods of implementing modes. Except a few of them did not, but did as the wet-behind-the-ears photo-writer said, albeit most probably coincidentally, and this pleaseth him and maketh his heart less grumpy.

And that's exactly what FujiFilm has done on the X-T1 and that's another reason why his heart is swelled with happiness by the X-T1 which yea verily is a wonderful little camera and that, none shall gainsay! (Ahem, I seem to be getting a little carried away here. Restraining my enthusiasm for the X-T1 is a task that is proving not to be trivial.)

Okay, but here's the thing ye must remembereth: just because a camera has all sorts of controls doesn't mean you need to use all of them. The reason there are nineteen bazillion ways to set exposure on every camera is not so you'll use all nineteen bazillion, it's so you can customize the camera the way you like it.

And indeed this was the rap against the old A-1 back in 1978 by the guys who were then old beardy and grumpy (and who are now, alas, dead): who needs all four modes, fer Pete's sake?

And the marketers saith, then as now: features sell, so shut up. But then, our story is already done, and I'm late for a haircut, so okay, exeunt.


*Not really.

**Well, actually, what they said was "good enough," and then they were heard grumbling something about how photo enthusiasts never leave well enough alone, but that's making our story too fine-grained.

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KTamas shared this story from The Verge - Taking on TV: how Netflix is becoming an original programming powerhouse.

House of Cards may be the hottest Netflix exclusive, but at least during one point last summer, All Things D reported that Orange is the New Black was actually the most popular. Whether that's still the case or not, that means there's plenty of viewers out there eager for more, and Netflix has just debuted the trailer for the series' second season to start raising their excitement. The trailer suggests that the show will continue the same type of drama, humor, and energy that made it catch on in the first place. Its new season premieres June 6th — and naturally, every episode will be made available at the same time.

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Temperatures in the northern hemisphere are finally warming, flowers are blooming, and the sunshine beckons us outside once again. On a nice spring day like today, I thought I'd share some recent colorful images of the season from Germany, Japan, Scotland, the United States, and more. [28 photos]

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KTamas shared this story from Humans of New York.

"This is getting too personal."

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KTamas shared this story from Humans of New York.

These two were acting like complete teenagers. When I walked up, she was nuzzling her head against his shoulder. She giggled the entire time I talked with them, while he kept a big goofy grin on his face. And whenever I asked about their relationship, she clutched his arm, looked at him just like this, giggled, then said: “We’re not telling!”

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KTamas shared this story from Humans of New York.

The mom was standing next to me, and while I was taking the photo, she said: “My husband is loving this right now. He tried to get me to wear the same thing, but I said ‘hell no.’”

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KTamas shared this story from Humans of New York.

"It’s up to you, mother. He says he’s gonna put it on The Web."

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Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer

Nyilván bitlisz, de percek óta szakadok rajta.

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hue jackman


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Last February, I was honored to be invited to speak at Webstock in New Zealand, along with Maciej Ceglowski, Erika Hall, Charlie Todd, Clive Thompson, and a bunch of other neat people.

My talk, like New Zealand itself, was a bit of a whirlwind. I roused the hungover crowd on Friday morning with a look back at my childhood on the Sunset Strip and how it shaped my later views on creative and financial independence. The talk's now online, and you can watch it here. I'm pretty happy with how it came out, hope you like it.

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KTamas shared this story from The Verge - All Posts.

After raising over $3 million on Kickstarter last year, Zach Braff's film Wish I Was Here debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Braff's follow-up to Garden State has received mixed reviews overall, and the general consensus is that his brainchild — which he crowdfunded in order to bring fans "the truest representation of what's in my brain" — would have benefited from the representation of what's in editors' brains as well. Nonetheless, our own Bryan Bishop found a film that was "funny, quirky, and will probably move you to tears before the credits roll."

Some of the project's Kickstarter backers, however, expressed frustration at not being able to attend the premiere showing, especially after the film was acquired by Focus Features for $2.75 million. The general theatrical launch isn't until July, though Braff has promised a handful of advance screenings to fans who pledged $100 or more. For now, everyone can see the first trailer of the film, a comedic drama about a man struggling through life and fatherhood. The trailer gives us a preview of that, along with some fantastical visuals and a song by the Shins. Really, who else would you expect?

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SmartMove's sensor-laden shoe insole can recognize and monitor the intensity of different activities, such as standing, walking, running, cycling, and stair climbing.

Activity monitors have morphed into different forms since the days of old-school pedometers. Fitbit came out with a wearable device that clips onto people's clothes to count their steps. Jawbone went with a wristband packed with sensors to monitor the wearer's activity and sleep quality. Now SmartMove hopes to produce a smart shoe insole that can measure physical activity more accurately than the wearable products that already exist on the market.

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[ Filed under Science & in the Medical Marvels category ]

biodegradable dissolving battery

Human medical implants keep people alive, but keeping those devices working depends on some kind of power source. Understandably, keeping the power source outside of the body presents logistical problems. Keeping the battery inside the device means that painful procedures are required to remove or replace it. John Rogers of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has created a battery that is biodegradable and dissolves in the body on its own. The batteries are obviously meant for temporary use since they break down after a time in the patient’s body. They could be used to wirelessly monitor vital signs in a patient following a surgery.

dissolving battery


The materials used – biodegradable metal foils and polyanhydride packages – are safe to the human body in small amounts. At the time of publication, these batteries are about one square centimeter and provide 2.4 milliamps of energy for one day. The researchers hope that, with time, the size will be reduced by 3/4ths and the power output greatly increased. The batteries could be useful in other applications as well, such as dropping thousands of tiny chemical sensors into an oil slick to help measure environmental impact. After the little robots do their job, they would simply dissolve harmlessly.

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[ Filed under Home & Personal & in the Gadgets category ]

justice cap

Like it or not, cameras are everywhere – and not just security cameras. Individuals taking pictures of themselves and their friends can inadvertently catch you in their snapshots, indoors or out. If you’re particularly paranoid about your image being in the hands of someone you don’t know, the Justice Cap can help you stay hidden…kind of.

face obscuring baseball cap

The baseball cap features a small strip of high-powered LEDs on the brim. When on, they create a face-obscuring glare for any camera that might be trained in your direction. It works best in low lighting conditions since daylight or natural light will obviously balance out the LEDs and illuminate your face evenly.

(Spoiler alert/NSFW-ish warning: the video above contains a lot of upturned middle fingers.) Of course, the brim of the cap itself will partially obscure your face even in bright sunlight. If you are adamant about keeping your face off of cameras for whatever reason, the Justice Cap will keep you anonymous “from dusk ’til dawn.”

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The path to New York City’s weirdest beach is actually quite pleasant.


After walking some distance along the quiet trail, the trees gradually distance, the trees along the trail disappear, replaced by reeds swaying gently in the breeze.


When you finally arrive at the beach, perhaps passing a couple of bikes leaning against an old wooden bench, you might feel as though you’ve somehow been transported to the shores of Cape Cod.


Then you step onto the beach…


…and notice the bottles…


…and more bottles…


…and still more bottles…


…and more bottles…


…and even more



There’s a pretty good chance bottles…


And that is when you realize why no one will ever send a post card from Dead Horse Bay.


A few weeks ago, while scouting for a post-apocalyptic landscape, I took a trip out to shoot Dead Horse Bay. Honestly, I don’t think you can do much better than the appropriately nicknamed “Bottle Beach.”


Dead Horse Bay’s odd monicker dates to the mid-19th century when the area was was home to dozens of horse-rendering plants, which used the harbor as a dumping ground for horse bones.


Located on the southwest shore of what was then Barren Island, the isolated area was infamous for its lack of water and sewage lines, and for the vile odor perpetually perpetual vile odor wafting in from the nearby factories, which later included fish oil plants, waste refineries, and a city dump. Below, a horse plant in 1931:


By the 1920s, most of the plants were gone, and the city had begun the process of connecting Barren Island to the mainland using sand, coal and garbage as landfill. Unfortunately, one of the landfill caps burst in the 1950s, and 100+-year-old garbage has been spewing into the harbor ever since.


While one might expect to find the beach riddled with equine bones, the most common items to be found are actually bottles and jars.


This includes your run-of-the-mill soda bottles, some of which you’ll recognize…


…while others are long-forgotten. Below, a beverage called King’s, “The Crown For Fame Of Flavor.”


The label on this one reads “Old-Fashioned Tasty Creamy Root Beer – You’ll Love It!”


Of course, you’ll also find jugs…


…and perfume bottles…


…in fact, pretty much any type of bottle you can imagine…


…all delicately deposited onto the beach without a single chip:


The next most common most-common items are probably shoes and leather soles…


There are tons of these strewn about the beach…


For fun, try and imagine a person still wearing the shoe buried upside-down in the sand! Actually, this might not be so far-fetched on Bottle Beach…


Equally About equally prevalent are the endless tangles of synthetic nylon stockings, found wrapped around anything they can cling to:


Of course, you can could stumble across pretty much anything, and artistic beach combers can be found here every day of the week. Someone anything – someone even reportedly found a handgun sold from a 1902 Sears catalog. Anyone need a new juicer?


But beyond its surreal assortment of early-1900s trash, Dead Horse Bay is searching for junk treasures, one of the reasons I like Bottle Beach is because it’s easily the most haunting beach I’ve ever been to – to, the sort of place that would feel at home in the world of HP Lovecraft. a Lovecraft story.


Did you ever have that one nightmare, where you’re on a eerie, forlorn, and seemingly endless beach, and the sky is overcast, and you’re alone, and something just feels very, very wrong? If so, you will you’ll have an unsettling sense of deja vu when you first step onto Bottle Beach.


One of the creepier bits is this tree…


…to which visitors have been stringing bottles for some time:


It’s a neat art project; it also feels like the kind of thing you’d find in the backyard of that serial killer from True Detective:


The remnants of Dead Horse Bay’s piers poke out of the sand like broken bones:


Near the edge of the beach is a layer of something that feels too crumbly to be rock, but too hard soft to be sand. Appropriately, its covered in a puke-green colored growth:


And then there are the bits of trash that seem as though they’ve come from an alien world (seriously, does anyone know what the hell this thing is? I kept my distance for fear that a facehugger from Alien would pop out).


There are certainly ghosts in Dead Horse Bay…


The rusting, ragged remains of things that once had a purpose to someone, somewhere, at sometime…


The details of which have been lost long ago to the sands of…well, Bottle Beach. are now long forgotten.


Now that the weather has finally gotten warmer, I’m sure these pictures have made you want to dig out the bathing suit and head for a sunny day at beach! In all seriousness, a walk across Bottle Beach examining trash from a century ago can actually be a really fascinating – and intensely surreal – experience. Just be sure to bring good shoes, as there’s broken glass everywhere.

day at beach.

You can see the trails leading to Dead Horse Bay clearly marked on Google Maps here. A few trains can get you pretty close, but I recommend picking a nice day to bike across Brooklyn, maybe paired with a trip to Coney Island?


Just watch out for old Cthulhu.


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KTamas shared this story from DOGHOUSE.

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

No apples were harmed in the making of this comic.

Also, big thanks to Robin for fixing our server issues, again!

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KTamas shared this story from The Verge - All Posts.

Not all politicians hold a grudge against video games. Last Sunday, a number of Swedish politicians participated in a StarCraft II tournament calledPolitikerstarcraft. Creator Jonathan Rieder Lundkvist told The Daily Dot the objective of the event was to "increase awareness of e-sports in politics, and of politics among gamers." Interestingly, Lundkvist made it a point to pit representatives with opposing ideologies against one another in the first round. This was the second Politikerstarcraft tournament held. The first was organized in 2010 in tandem with the Swedish elections.

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Body Dryer

So this gadget right here that looks almost like a weighing scale (oh wait, it actually also happens to be one!) could get rid of towels once and for all. Aptly called the Body Dryer, it promises to dry you off in half a minute or less, which is way faster than you could ever dry yourself off with a towel.

The Body Dryer has been in development for over two years, creator Tyler Overk explains. He adds: “We realized that there’s so many germs, so much bacteria that we’re reusing and putting back onto our bodies after we’ve cleaned ourselves from the shower or even coming out of the pool. We came up with eliminating towels.”

Body Dryer1


But how does it work? Basically, the Body Dryer blows “super ionized air” at “strategic angles” to push all of that water away from the person’s body, drying them in the process.

The Body Dryer is currently up for funding on Indiegogo, where it has already raised thrice its target goal. Pledge at least $150 to get one of your very own.

[ Indiegogo Page ] VIA [ Dvice ]

The post Dry In 30 Seconds: Body Dryer Eliminates Need to Towel Off appeared first on OhGizmo!.

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Banksy Mobile Lovers

One new confirmed piece by graffiti artist Banksy, as well as one new suspected piece, in the United Kingdom has been revealed. The confirmed piece — currently featured on Banksy’s website — is a stencil of two lovers embracing with mobile phones behind each other’s backs. The specific location of this piece is currently unknown.

The second piece, which is suspected to be but not confirmed as a Banksy piece, features three men in coats with sunglasses and old reel-to-reel spy gear outside a phone booth. The suspected Banksy is located in Cheltenham, a borough of Gloucestershire, England.

Banksy Mobile Lovers

Possible Banksy

Possible Banksy

Possible Banksy

images via StreetArtNews (2), Banksy

via StreetArtNews (1), StreetArtNews (2)

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